Discover The Fastest Way to Increase Your Income, Impact or Influence Using InstagramIn The Next 14 Days Without a Huge Following , Product Or Experience! 
Discover The Fastest Way to Increase Your Income, Impact or Influence Using
Instagram … In The Next 14 Days Without a Huge Following , Product Or Experience! 
The IG Challenge Begins... 
Want an “Unfair Advantage” When It Comes To Explosive Growth & Monetization of Instagram?
Would more followers , engagement and sales help you start or grow your business?

How about learning the secret content creation process I use to create 30 days of content in 1 day? 

Knowing what, when & how to post will inevitably increase your followers as well as revenue! 

Do you sometimes get overwhelmed by the though of what content to post or how to create it… but know it’s something you have to do if you really want to succeed?  

If so, then you’re going to LOVE the IG Challenge thats changing the way people grow and monetize their instagram accounts for good!  
This is my personal invite for you to join something I call the IG Challenge…

Because you answered “YES” to any of the questions above, then I know something about you… 

You have the desire to do BIG THINGS… 

You have a story and a message that needs to be heard… 

I know that because I felt the same way 5 years ago when I wanted to monetize my message and grow my brands with social media. 

But, a few simple things are holding you back… and as a result you are not growing like you should or earning what you want.
(but, a few simple things are holding you back. . . and it isn't happening as quickly as you'd like)
Which Is Why I Created
Here's the TRUTH:
What do all the successful e-com, business owners & influencers that are killing it on Instagram have in common? 

They are all rapidly growing their accounts effortlessly while cashing in big time!

Not just that, they do it strategically.  

From small, local businesses… all the way up to huge influencers and brand owners. (EVEN OUR AMZ FORMULA MEMBERS & MENTORSHIP CLIENTS). 

ME, PERSONALLY? When it comes to growing a personal or business brand , I have tried all kinds of things… some have worked better than expected and others have well completely bombed to say the least. 

It took me countless hours & thousands of dollars in testing to figure this out. 

Thinking about it now, I used to create horrible content that wasted my time and didn’t gain me any followers or make us any money just trying to see what would stick… and found myself feeling lost and overwhelmed!  

It wasn’t until I stopped trying to make one-sized-fits all content… and really started making content for my dream customers.  

Suddenly, I knew exactly how to post , when to post and what to post and our growth skyrocketed and revenue increased dramatically!  

High-level folks invest $15,000 and sometimes more for me to privately expose some of my secret. 
One Time Payment!
The IG Challenge Begins :
My Instagram strategies for messaging and monetizing are a hit, that bring me
quality followers who are engaged and ready to open their wallets, ever single time.
...Now, I want to help you do the same!
In Less Than 2 Weeks You’ll Have All Your Marketing Content Created & Learn How To Automate The Entire Process… 
What if you had ALL your Post , stories & lead magnets done, strategically , in just a few minutes per day?
Here’s how it works
Each day for the next 14 Days…
I’ll send you a quick instruction video where I’ll challenge you to take just ONE SMALL step that will catapult you to achieving your goal… And that’s it! 

…and nope, it doesn’t need to be perfect & can be done during your spare time! 
 A Word Of Warning However...
This is NOT going to be a “ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL” Approach
Instead, we’re going to leverage my #1 secret (that took me 5 years to figure out), and we’re going to create content that will grow your audience & your revenue! 
Objective: Pen Nib Techniques & Effects
Video Topics: How to and when to use each Pen Nib
Objective: Applying To An Image
Video Topics: How to create a Final Project and bring all the Techniques we’velearned together
Learn how to optimize your account for optimal growth and revenue. 
video topics...
Page layout for content , settings , analytics , link structure , page strategies
Create Content that will grow your following and increase your engagement.
video topics...
How to Create 30 days of content in 1 day, Stories , reels , lives , post , Message strategies “serving before selling” 
Monetize your message by creating specific content that will increase your sales.
video topics...
How to monetize your Instagram, Top strategies to monetize your Instagram, Increasing revenue with Instagram. 
You’ll have your account fully optimized and ready for maximum growth and monetization by week 1, your content for growing , engaging and monetizing your audience before the end of week 2!

In other words, instead of just cranking out content for the sake of creating it, we’ll have the RIGHT content created at the right time! 

Once you join, I’ll explain more about exactly what, when and how to post to maximize growth and then how to monetize your account to increase profits (without sounding pushy or salesy) 

Most courses out there you’d pay $2,000 or more don’t deliver even CLOSE to the no-nonsense value you’re about to get… for a FRACTION of that price!
So.. Let Me Ask You..
Do YOU Want My Super-Simple, Sustainable while Scalable System To Growing & Monetizing Your Instagram Account Without Paying $15,000 To Show You How??
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Here's What You Get Inside of the 
Here's What You Get Inside of the 
(VALUE $1,497)
You'll get daily training with Joshua Crisp on different areas of Instagram. Learn how to optimize your account to accelerate your growth and skyrocket your income! 
IG Secrets WorkBook
(VALUE $197)
Get instant access to The IG Secrets Book! This is not your average "fluff filled lead magnet" this book is compiled of 10+ chapters and shares some of Joshua's best kept SECRETS that will help you skyrocket your following and increase your income!
Influencer Outreach Template
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Copy & paste my personal script I use in my businesses to reach out to influencers , brands and even celebrities. I have spent over $1 Million in influencer traffic , ethically steal my template!  
100k Meme Template
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One of my secret weapons that dramatically increase followers and explode revenue are memes.

Use my viral meme creator to increase the chances of your meme going viral.
Content Accelerator Checklist
(VALUE $497)
After years of testing content we have identified what is needed to create effective content that will increase your following and your sales. 

Use this blueprint to eliminate analysis paralysis and quickly and effectively create next level content! 
Ig Content Calendar
(VALUE $397)
No longer ask yourself “When is the last time I posted or when should I post”? 

Use my personal content creation calendar to identify when is the best time to post and also stay on track to posting regularly so that you can increase your results!
Accountability Sheet
(VALUE $297)
Accountability is a key component of getting results and not giving up. Use this resource to hold you accountable daily.

Remember the only way you can fail is by not starting or giving up! 
Members Only 
FaceBook Group
(VALUE $497)
There is power in proximity and osmosis which is why I have created an exclusive and intimate group where myself other experts and your fellow challengers will be masterminding. 
As If That Wasn't Enough... I'm Giving Away Some Amazing & Extra Bonuses to the Top Participants During this Challenge! 
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Join The 'IG Challenge' Today!
  • IG CHALLENGE - (Value $1,497)
  • ​IG Secrets Work Book - (Value $197)
  • ​Influencer Outreach Template - (Value $497)
  • Content Accelerator Checklist - (Value $497)
  • ​Ig Content Calendar - (Value $397)
  • ​Accountability Sheet - (Value $297)
  • ​Members Only FB Group - (Value $497)
GET IN FOR JUST: $197 $47
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My Top 100 Hash Tags + Secret list of highest paying niches! 
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